Sharing Student Success with the Entire Family

Compass Academy hosts events where families and students use data to become life-long learners.

At Compass Academy, recent Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) Growth reports show our students are making exciting gains. When our first class of students started Compass Academy in the sixth grade, their reading averaged around the third-grade level while math averaged at the fourth-grade level. However, by the eighth grade, our students improved by nearly four grade levels in both reading and math. In other words, in just three academic years, Compass Academy students gained the equivalent of four years of learning.

"When I was in sixth grade, I was scared and felt that any time I would read or write, I would be wrong,” says Andrea*, an eighth grade student about how she felt when she started attending Compass Academy. “Compass has helped me believe in myself and has taught me values I know will help me in high school." Continuing at this pace, we believe our students will continue to be successful in school and in their future.


Last month, Compass Academy hosted Data and Desserts Night so teachers could share this encouraging progress with families and build excitement in their student’s ability to learn and succeed. Together, parents, teachers and students discussed their individual academic progress, the student’s strengths and areas for growth, and how they can all partner in their student’s educational growth both in and out of school.

Stacie*, a seventh-grade student at Compass Academy, attended Data and Desserts Night with her family and felt encouraged by Compass’s unique approach to sharing student progress. “I feel Compass really cares about my education,” said Stacie. “At other schools, I would just get my grades and have to go home to explain them to my parents. This event lets my parents meet teachers in person and learn about what is happening in my school.”


Data and Desserts allows parents and students to see how Compass Academy uses data to empower students to become invested in their academic journey while involving families in the process. Compass Academy also connects families to community resources, like the Denver Public Library  and Blueprint4SummerCO , a mobile-friendly website with summer enrichment activities for students, so students and families can engage in learning outside of the classroom by solving math problems online or reading for an additional half-hour each evening.

“We want our families to build a stronger connection to the campus and get to know more of the adults and other families in the building,” said Denise Thorne, Compass Academy Middle School Director. “We also hope to provide parents with the tools to understand student data and provide resources for them, which is why we invited the public library to give library cards to families.”

Becoming a Life-long Learner

MAP Growth assessments measure a student’s academic progress and help teachers understand which concepts students are ready to learn next. Compass Academy uses the MAP assessment to understand how students are performing, prepare individualized lessons during Compass’s personalized learning time and guide future lesson planning for their classes.


Learning to Learn is one of Compass Academy’s five core values and corresponding competencies. We put this value into action by supporting students in developing their identity as a learner, understanding their own unique strengths and identifying individualized learning strategies that will help them succeed in school and beyond.

Compass Academy creates an environment where learning is a joy and these family engagement events become a celebration where students can build on their successes and foster their identity as learners for life.

Looking Ahead

If you are interested in learning more about Compass Academy and how your child can grow with us, contact us to schedule a visit and have your child shadow one of our students. You may also find more information on our program and events through our website

*Names have been changed to protect the identity of our students.