Compass Academy currently serves 6 and 7 graders and plans on expanding one grade level per year, to eventually serve approximately 750 students in grades 6-12 at full capacity. 


Compass Academy will enable its students to realize their unique talents, while mastering core academic skills. In addition, students will develop social-emotional strengths as well as Learner & Leader competencies that are required for success in the 21st century. Compass Academy will deploy a team of diverse City Year AmeriCorps members, combined with advances in the learning sciences, to create a personalized learning environment where all members of the school community passionately pursue deeper learning. 


Compass Academy will educate youth to be well prepared for post-secondary education, workforce training, and civic participation. Compass Academy will provide multiple pathways for students to achieve adult success. Students at Compass Academy will develop as lifelong learners who think critically to solve problems, as well as foster a lifelong commitment to serve the global community.


City Year AmeriCorps Members Tutors & Mentors

  • Provide daily tutoring
  • Partner with teachers to provide extra classroom support
  • Mentor & motivate all students
  • Trained to serve students

Personalized learning

  •  Individual Learner & Leader plan
  • Technology-rich environment
  • Laptops for each student
  • Small ratio of students to adults


Family and community focus

  • Celebrate and learn about different cultures in our community
  • Students learn life & job skills by doing hands-on service projects
  • Parents invited to become active school leaders
  • Bilingual and bilateral curriculum

Extended schedule

  • School (8:00 am - 4:10 pm)
  • Extended day (7:40 am - 5:00 pm)
  • Free breakfast, snacks, clubs, sports and homework help

General information about Compass

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