At Compass Academy we believe that all students, regardless of previous learning challenges, can succeed and become lifelong learners and leaders. Our educational program infuses a strong values-based culture and additional people power with evidence-based practices to maximize student success and the delivery of individualized interventions. 


Our integrated and academic and social-emotional curriculum is centered on enabling deeper learning and the development of 21st century competencies. The 21st century competencies reflect both academic and socio-emotional outcomes. Our curriculum, in alignment with the Colorado Academic Standards and the Common Core State Standards, will prepare students in grades 6 through 12 to master core academic content, think critically to solve complex problems, work collaboratively, communicate effectively, reflect on and incorporate feedback, and become autonomous learners.


Seal of Bi-literacy
Compass Academy is committed to building on students’ primary language skill by also developing them  as bilingual/bi-literate students.  

  • For non-native English speakers, this means that they learn English skills as well as gain and deepen skills in academic Spanish.  

  • For students whose primary language is English this means that they receive Spanish world language instruction.  

All students will have access to AP Spanish and AP English Language courses prior to high school
graduation so that they can qualify for the Seal of Bi-literacy. All students will also receive a Spanish Language class that is differentiated and focuses on Academic Language across all content areas in preparation for the Spanish AP exam.  

Beyond this, Compass Academy will offer classes in Social Studies using Spanish as the primary language. Additionally, Compass commits to developing a bridging model from English to Spanish in each unit in ELA, math, and science for all students.  

As a school, Compass Academy is dedicated to finding qualified teachers in both English and Spanish languages.

English Language Development Classes

Compass Academy’s Language plan ensures every Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Student is placed in an English Language Development (ELD) Class  based on the student’s English proficiency level.  

  • Students are Identified for ELD levels and initial placement based on ACCESS data.

  • Students are Re-identified for these levels and move ELD levels based on a careful evaluation of the student’s proficiency on multiple data points.

All ELD classes follow the WiDA standards and focus on ensuring students are on-track in their English Language Acquisition.   
Teachers at Compass are trained to address the needs of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students. Language instruction is core for each content and differentiated scaffolds are used to support all students.  Some strategies include using word walls, accountable talk sentence stems/frames, close reading, and language bridging differentiated for the needs of the students in a diverse classroom.


Compass Academy supports students in developing integrated academic and social-emotional Learner & Leader competencies that provide pathways from poverty to post-secondary success. Leveraging advances in learning sciences and youth development practices we enable students to realize their unique talents, while mastering academic skills and social emotional competencies; create a personalized learning environment that fosters deeper learning; focus on biliterate teaching and learning; and prepare students for post-secondary education, workforce training, and civic participation.

Compass Learning Points

Learning Builds Mastery for All: “I Seek Excellence”

All students will demonstrate growth and master academic skills, including written and verbal communication, complex problem solving, and the demonstration of skills and mindsets required for learning such as growth mindset and reflection. All students will meet goals while exceeding expected growth regardless of socioeconomic status, English Language Learner status, and special education status.

Learning Promotes Leadership: “I am a Changemaker”

Students take on leadership roles within the school and broader community through service, capstone projects and student-driven leadership opportunities such as Student Council and School Ambassadors. These experiences provide opportunities for students to take advantage of the resources and assets in their communities to make a difference.

Learning Propels Agency and Self-Awareness: “I am Determined”

Students will leverage strengths to develop social-emotional skills and mindsets that enable success in school, post-secondary education and careers. Students will take an active role in creating personal learning pathways and develop skills in areas such as productive persistence, self-management, self-awareness, optimism and empathy.

Learning Opens Worlds: “I am Inclusive”

Students apply and develop language skills throughout their day, achieving cultural and linguistic proficiency and a Seal of Biliteracy—a unique advantage in the workforce.

Learning is Powered by Community: “I Belong”

Students experience authentic relationships between the individual, family, and the broader community through structures and rituals that foster a sense of belonging, investment, academic success, and a shared belief in our school’s mission and vision.